Furious Fightpub

Mobile procrastination

Furious Fightpub is a competitive cross-platform multiplayer brawler. Fight realtime battles against up to 8 players in a bar that was built by a pug on top of an asteroid.

The game will feature 8 crazy characters at launch and a lot of items to customize them. More characters and items will be added over time as soon as the game hits the stores.

Planned target platforms: Xbox One, Android, iOS, PC (Win/Mac/Linux)
Project Status: Currently on hold.

Click HERE to have a look at more crazy characters!
Chicken wrestlers, manic selfie-girls, cute piggycorns, traumatized beavers, YOLO skeletons ... we have it all!

Earn a free and exclusive item

Reach 100 points in each character minigame to enhance your special item. Redeem your item as soon as Furious Fightpub is released. Also if you create an account you will receive an invitation to the closed testing of Furious Fightpub as soon as it begins, remove all ads from the minigames and save your trophy progress.